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Life Insurance
Non Life Insurance
  What is Insurance?
  What is Premium?
  Why we need Insurance?
  What is Life Insurance?
  What is the need for Life Insurance?
  What are the types of Life Insurance Policies?
  What is Variable Insurance Policy?
  What is a Rider?
  What are the types of riders available?
  What is surrender value?
  What is transfer or assignment?
  Difference between Nominations vs. Assignment.
  Define: Proposer, Beneficiary, Nominee
  What is Mortality?
  What is Morbidity?
  What is Standard Age Proof?
  What is Non Standard Age Proof?
  What are Premium Allocation Charges?
  What are Fund Management Charges?
  Who is an Actuary?
  What is Reinstatement of policy?
  What is Reversionary Bonus?
  What is underwriting?
  What is HLV?
  What is lock in period?
  What is Paid- up value?
  What is death benefit?
  How much do I insure myself for?
  What do you mean by highest NAV guaranteed in a policy?
  Do I get tax benefit on life insurance policy?
Non-Life Insurance
Motor Insurance
  What is the coverage under Motor Insurance Policy?
  Is the Motor Insurance policy compulsory?
  What is NCB?
  If I sell the car then am I eligible for the same NCB?
  What is a cover note?
  What is the claim process under Motor Accident?
Health Insurance
  What is the coverage available under Health Insurance Policy?
  What are the items which are non payable under Health Insurance Policy?
  What is the Tax deduction under Health Insurance Policy?
  Does everyone who purchases a Health Insurance Policy need to undertake a Medical test?
  Who is TPA? What is their role in Health Insurance?
  How can we claim under Health Insurance Policy?
  What is the first important step that needs to be taken incase of claim?
Other Insurance
  What is deductible/excess?
  What is a Travel Insurance policy? Whom it is made for?
  What are the different policies available under Property damage?
  What are Liability Policies?
  What are Engineering Insurance policies?
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